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The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing

You want to make room for advertisements with fast conversion rates. You’ll get the most out of your digital ad expenses through the services we provide at Web App Development. This is achieved through group targeting and our customized post-click landing pages. In the internet marketing world, everyone knows that time is money. A website or landing page’s speed is crucial for a successful marketing campaign, as well as the usability of an online service or product. The per-conversion payment ends up costing more, which in turn means your marketing will become more expensive. The good news is that your marketing results can be doubled almost instantly if your pages load quicker. The quicker your pages load, the more online foot traffic you will have.

We live in a world where we are saturated with information. Everywhere we look, we are bombarded with messaging. It has become white noise that we hear, but we mostly ignore it. Marketing only catches our attention if it is offering us a product or service that we need or that we care about.

This has made it challenging for businesses. For decades, brands could buy our attention because there were only a few avenues for advertising, such as television, radio, and newspaper. Now, because there are so many voices, it has become difficult and expensive for brands to distinguish themselves from the competition.

Is there a solution? Yes. Brands must develop a superhero likability to tell their story and to wield technology.

Everything changes with Web App Development EOOD. WAD marketing service is a product that makes it possible for marketing companies to gather countless real-world data points and then use them to tell a compelling story. This narrative will carry through all of your brand’s marketing. This includes brand positioning, product lines, and everything else.

The digital world produces chaotic noise. The brand that is able to transform chaos into a cohesive, engaging story is the one that will get heard. WAD is a powerful tool that facilitates the creation and delivery of compelling narratives.

The WAD Process

Our approach is to use the power of cinema to tell a story and combine it with data driven marketing. We use this to help your brand get heard above the white noise. We serve as a catalyst for explosive growth for brands. Some tools we offer include:

At the heart of our operations is the WAD lab. We can use machine learning models in our proprietary Insights Platform. This provides for the perfect mix of creativity and database marketing. Really, data is the center of everything that we do.

Our focus is creating unique and groundbreaking stories that take into consideration marketplace driven data. The stories we create are not designed to only entertain an audience. We design them to position your brand and product in front of the right people at the right time by taking advantage of best practices that can be institutionalized.

With all the marketing noise out there, we create stories that reach the hearts of our viewers. They motivate your viewers to engage. That’s what the WAD Studio is all about.

Our Story Studio has created several brand stories that have gone viral worldwide. They serve as proof that when creativity is fueled by data, it is possible to create powerful, unique, and captivating stories that promote your brand.

The WAD Distribution Machine is the tool we use to spread your stories around the globe. Our Distribution Machine takes advantage of technology, targeted media, and data to engage customers around the world. The end goal is to take potential customers and convince them to convert by purchasing your services or products.

Data-Driven Online Marketing and Social Media Online Marketing

Achieving results online can be quite time-consuming. If you’ve found your target group, your costs will become optimized once your traffic has been converted into profit. We search for the best advertising methods and channels so they can be optimized for better conversion and just the right inflow. We advertise for a variety of different purposes. Your costs are dependent upon your target audience and your business model. It’s recommended that you start small with some marginalized marketing. Sometimes having a service or product a customer needs or wants is enough, which can lead to hundreds of customers in the longer term. You can also perform your own marketing research; however, this can take time. Our knowledgeable employees are capable of developing lightning-fast websites and landing pages that can be scaled automatically to thousands of employees and customers.

Data-Driven Marketing and Big Data

Data-driven solutions can help your business attain the desired results it needs to be successful, no matter how big or small your business is. In the Human Resources sector, for instance, with an automation tool and Crawler, you can make more connections with your customers and job seekers than with any other marketing budget. It’s as simple as that. If you understand what motivates prospective customers, you’ll always be able to give them the services and products they need. Instead of mailing out 10,000 e-mails at one time and only receiving a few responses at best, you’ll be able to utilize intelligent data to address the small group of people who are interested in your product or service, which will be more cost-efficient for your business. Just think of the money your company will save. The possibilities are endless.

Data Visualization

A much wider audience can perform large-scale complex analyses on company data. The data can be visually presented in an appealing way, which will make it more transparent. Data visualization can make your company more visible in the market. You’ll be able to make more informed decisions if you have a better understanding of the information you have in front of you. If, however, the information you have is insufficient or incorrect, your business could suffer as a result, which is why you must have the most up-to-date information about the current market as well as your company. Real estate agents, for instance, have a large database. This information is analyzed thoroughly so brokers can make effective decisions relatively quickly. Web App Development will help you visualize and analyze your company’s data to identify any hidden links that may be present.

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If you want to eliminate time-consuming work including searching aimlessly for information, going through hundreds of e-mails, dealing with tech issues, missing files, or forwarding new versions of the same file, we have an Online Workplace that will keep your files continuously backed up. more...


Software can improve almost every facet of a business. Our team creating modular software that is user-friendly and can prove to be quite valuable to a growing company. Our open-source technology is of the highest quality and is the same kind of technology YouTube, Spotify, and Instagram use. more...


The costs of all of our services are divided into hourly wages for both our consulting and development services. We have enough available well-trained specialists for a project or dedicated team in Bulgaria and Belgium. Our outsourcing company offers you various business benefits and services. more...

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