Software Development

A problem well stated is a problem half solved

Software can improve almost every facet of a business. Our team has experience creating modular software that is user-friendly and can prove to be quite valuable to a growing company. Our open-source technology is of the highest quality and is the same kind of technology YouTube, Spotify, and Instagram use. Rest assured this software will improve your company’s overall operations, as this software can be configured for numerous visitors. Whether your website has 100,000 or as little as 100 visitors each day, our technology can easily handle the traffic without any difficulties. Additional functionalities can be added to this software, as its architecture is independent of any fees or licenses.

Prolific developers don't always write a lot of code, instead they solve a lot of problems. The two things are not the same. Regarding code, it must be said that it doesn’t write itself. It takes a lot of time and dedication. Our experienced team at Web App Development is more than happy to take this challenge on. They are not only knowledgeable in software engineering best-practices for over 20 years, but they have also adopted these practices themselves. We pride ourselves in our development procedures according to the long-standing principle of decreasing waste. The following video shows how our development team and our end users work together to apply our software engineering best-practices. It also explains in detail how these best-practices have contributed to the development of clean code, or optimal code quality. In addition, we discuss best-practices for testing and programming. We’re all equally responsible for the creation of quality future-proof software. Our best-practices are always used in accordance with the specific needs and contexts of each project.

Why Our Services?


The costs of all of our services are divided into hourly wages for both our consulting and development services. We have enough available well-trained specialists for a project or dedicated team in Bulgaria and Belgium. Our outsourcing company offers you various business benefits and services. more...


Data-Driven, Online, Social Media, Content Marketing. In the internet marketing world, everyone knows that time is money. You’ll get the most out of your digital ad expenses through the services we provide at Web App Development. This is achieved through group targeting and our customized post-click landing. more...


If you want to eliminate time-consuming work including searching aimlessly for information, going through hundreds of e-mails, dealing with tech issues, missing files, or forwarding new versions of the same file, we have an Online Workplace that will keep your files continuously backed up. more...

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