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We develop quality mobile and web applications

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Our services are offered to companies in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Today’s market is rapidly evolving and becoming more dynamic than ever before, which is why we offer innovative solutions that will not only help you maximize your available online space, but also reduce costs all at the same time.

Web Development Services

Clients come in all different sizes, including people who are just starting out, small-business entrepreneurs, and multinational businesses that have a turnover of around a couple hundred million euros.

Why Our Services?


Data-Driven, Online, Social Media, Content Marketing. In the internet marketing world, everyone knows that time is money. You’ll get the most out of your digital ad expenses through the services we provide at Web App Development. This is achieved through group targeting and our customized post-click landing. more...


If you want to eliminate time-consuming work including searching aimlessly for information, going through hundreds of e-mails, dealing with tech issues, missing files, or forwarding new versions of the same file, we have an Online Workplace that will keep your files continuously backed up. more...


Software can improve almost every facet of a business. Our team creating modular software that is user-friendly and can prove to be quite valuable to a growing company. Our open-source technology is of the highest quality and is the same kind of technology YouTube, Spotify, and Instagram use. more...

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E-mail: info@webdevelopmentapp.com
BE: +32 499 41 46 24
Belgium: Drukpersstraat 4 1000 Brussel
VAT: BE0552775383